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This episode has four main stories: an unidentified man, a school visit, a snake bite patient and Maggie's continuing care. It opens at night under a full moon, when strange things are said to happen. A naked man walks along the beach dropping his dog-tags to be swept out to sea and wades into the ocean with literally nothing. He is found washed-up the next morning near Greg's bar, rescued and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ruby is learning how to ride a motorbike, with Lydia and Gabriel looking on and threatening to make her ride pillion (on the back). She is determined to work it out rather than accept his offer, managing to do a couple of laps as the ambulance comes in carrying the unknown man from the beach. Ruby is also trying to learn the local language and is doing better with vocabulary, but still struggling to get the right accent.

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Lydia has a task for the pair, who both try to refuse to work directly together. She wonders if it is "sexual tension or genuine dislike". Only time will tell. With a Hindu blessing from AJ, they are ready to go. Gabriel tests Ruby on the journey, but she keeps up by performing some daring manoeuvres between buses, only stopping when the path is blocked by a large python. He comes back to check on her and can't resist antagonising her again. She responds in the same mood. They have been sent to a local school for vaccinations and testicular checks on the pupils. A toss of the coin decides who gets the pricks and who gets the balls. Gabriel shows a little more of his wry sense of humour in this description. Almost done, Ruby sees Gabriel giving more attention and money to one boy. She is curious, but has no time to ask. Gabriel receives a call from the hospital asking him to detour to Dhoni Clinic in Kochi city to collect new stock of a vital drug.

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Back at the hospital, regular Juan comes in with a snake bite from a dangerous Russell's viper. This is usually no problem for the team, but they have run out of the specific anti-venom. They treat the patient as best they can until Gabriel returns, but Juan realises that something is wrong and asks to see the Catholic priest from St Teresa's. Lydia is not pleased to see the Father and throws him out - only to call him back for last rites when Gabriel is later than expected.

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The young teacher, Anton, is especially concerned about the same boy, who he has noticed is losing weight. She takes a blood test and promises to let him know the outcome. He then asks her out for drinks at Greg's, clearly a favoured night spot for the area. Although she likes the teacher, she tells him she's trying to get over someone. He doesn't push her. As a result of being kept behind, the boy, Vijay, misses the bus so Ruby takes him home, finding food waiting for him. Although on low income, he is not neglected. The mother throws her out when she sees the plaster, because Ruby was unable to get consent first - just as important in India as in the UK. Another valuable lesson for the young doctor.

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Struggling in city traffic, and knowing the team are depending on him, Gabriel tries to rush back. He has an accident when a tuk-tuk overtakes a cart and he is knocked off the bike, landing hard on one leg. The medication is also thrown from his bag. At the worst moment a bus comes along and refuses to stop, destroying the precious vials. He looks around in distress, deciding what to do next and sees just enough left in the grass to save the one patient. He is obviously injured as he limps over to retrieve the strays. Back on the road, he returns to the hospital just in time to administer the drugs for the patient to recover. Of course he doesn't let them down - and he seems able to stand again by this time.

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The drowning patient regains consciousness but claims not to remember his name or where he comes from. The accent in English is ambiguously international, so Lydia tries some French. The women are admiring his toned physique and she sends Ruby to flirt with him a little to try for information. She becomes suspicious about his lack of panic or concern at the memory loss. Lydia asks Greg for help to identify him, which the police have failed to do, despite the hospital report and leaving Lydia furious at the authorities.

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In turn, Greg asks her for help with his drinks supplier, who has to retire with ill health. The new alcohol rules are also making it more difficult to keep up with stock. The dubious solution is for AJ to bring it through checks in the ambulance - still with Ram's face on it. Lydia examines the trader and notices that he has foreign dog-tags. She demands them in exchange for her medical services. Private Silver is trying to escape. He responds to his name and confesses that he wants to start an anonymous new life away from the Israeli military, but his request for discharge was refused. Lydia feels his plight and has to send him back regardless. She appeals to his better nature, saying that his family deserve to know the truth so he does not become just another lost soul in the world. He returns to face either counselling or prison.

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Elsewhere, Maggie and Paul are trying to live life to the full. Maggie shops for saris at the street market stall run by Padma, Vijay's mother. Later, Maggie comes into the hospital for her appointment and asks Gabriel to help her die in India. She uses an expression which Gabriel doesn't understand and they laugh together, showing his lighter side. He stresses that Good Karma can only provide basic care. Satisfied that she understands the risks, he reluctantly agrees. He borrows Ram's office for the meeting and gives a medical name for the tumour. She has to break more bad news to her husband, explaining that she wants the end of her life to be just them as a couple for a while. Paul is persuaded to support the decision so they move from the expensive hotel to stay in a beach shack near Greg's bar.

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Vijay's mother has come storming into the hospital to complain about her son's blood test and throws the money back in Gabriel's face. He looks even sadder than usual, unable to atone for a past mistake. When Ruby confronts him, he responds aggressively that it's none of her business. Ruby has repeatedly tried to talk to Lydia about the case and is finally able to explain. That evening, the staff relax at Greg's. Lydia tells Ruby the tragic story of Gabriel and the Kholis. Ruby apologises for questioning him, which he accepts but still chooses to drink alone. Abandoned, Ruby sees Anton again and they enjoy an informal date over beers.

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In the morning, both young doctors are slightly hungover so Gabriel hands a painkiller to Ruby in their first friendly encounter. Lydia takes pity on them and allows time for the medication to work before expecting them in clinic. Vijay's blood results are ready so Ruby takes the pills and heads out to tell his mother the news - she was right to be concerned. On her return, the bike is water damaged and Gabriel fixes it for her, with faint praise for solving Vijay's problem but granting her a goofy smile when the bike restarts. Maybe they can be friends after all.

See IMDB. First broadcast: 12 Feb 2017 on ITV in UK.

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